Mother’s Day is Coming

  Let’s face it, with the pandemic a lot of us moms are living the leggings and t-shirt life more than ever, so what better gift is there for Mom’s day than a fun new t-shirt to lounge around in? My niece is running a sale on her Facebook and Etsy pages with free shipping … Continue reading Mother’s Day is Coming

Dear Teacher Who Was Awarded My Position…

That sounds pretty arrogant to say, I am sure. However, it is true- I feel it in my heart. I slipped up and you slipped in. That does not mean that you are not a talented educator. I know that you are. I do not mean to belittle your efforts in any way, but you … Continue reading Dear Teacher Who Was Awarded My Position…

No Winter Lasts Forever…

The snowflake lands on her nose. “Spring, Mommy?” Throat tightening, she searches for words, “It’s supposed to be, dear.” Wonder fills the little girl’s eyes tracing the path as more flakes fall. Mom wraps her arms around herself, more lingering than just winter’s chill.


  She looks up at me, and I am. Sleepless nights, guilt and insecurities will not define me. What other moms do - will not matter. She does. Little bundle: hoped for, longed for, pushed for- change the course of my forever. My love lasting, always. Her birth, also mine.

Winsome, lose some

Head hung low, glasses slip like the tear lost in the folds of his beard. Entering their lives- his heart, and now she would leave. Thinking his heart broken before with her lying so still, so white from that tainted fruit. Heigh-ho.

Acrylic Pour Samples

My picture book, Pour the Sky, would feature acrylic pour paintings such as these focusing on the colors and landscapes mentioned in the text. I envision step by step photos as well as illustrated copies at the end of each "scene" depicting the magical elements mentioned in the story. I am open to other illustrative … Continue reading Acrylic Pour Samples

Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers

Happy Valentine's Day. It is this incredible holiday which brings out the best of everything: roses priced astronomically high, a plethora of heart-shaped candy boxes, stuffed animals out the wazoo and the ever-classic candy conversation hearts. These delectable treats are a staple of the holiday and have changed over the years with the waxing and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers

Just Deserts

"Gimme," Nickolai lamented endlessly. A bushy tail, stockpile of nuts, and all the latest toys did not satisfy him. Robin loved her friend despite his dissatisfaction. "You really don't want this," she cautioned, wings fluttering. "Please stay away…"   Heedless of the warning, Nickolai got his-  a case of the bird flu. Moral: Be happy … Continue reading Just Deserts

Knock Out

She stood at the kitchen sink, hands immersed in sudsy water with flecks of dinner's remains floating about. Mom sat at the kitchen table, letting us, her two youngest, clean up from the night's meal she had prepared. It was a typical evening scene until she felt a strange, sharp pain in her back shoulder-blade … Continue reading Knock Out