Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers

Happy Valentine's Day. It is this incredible holiday which brings out the best of everything: roses priced astronomically high, a plethora of heart-shaped candy boxes, stuffed animals out the wazoo and the ever-classic candy conversation hearts. These delectable treats are a staple of the holiday and have changed over the years with the waxing and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers


Just Deserts

"Gimme," Nickolai lamented endlessly. A bushy tail, stockpile of nuts, and all the latest toys did not satisfy him. Robin loved her friend despite his dissatisfaction. "You really don't want this," she cautioned, wings fluttering. "Please stay away…"   Heedless of the warning, Nickolai got his-  a case of the bird flu. Moral: Be happy … Continue reading Just Deserts

Knock Out

She stood at the kitchen sink, hands immersed in sudsy water with flecks of dinner's remains floating about. Mom sat at the kitchen table, letting us, her two youngest, clean up from the night's meal she had prepared. It was a typical evening scene until she felt a strange, sharp pain in her back shoulder-blade … Continue reading Knock Out

At Leash’s End

"I'm tired of hearing you yell," stops me mid stride. The leash tightens around my hand and two toddlers run askew as I try to gain order, try to gather the pieces of myself that just shattered. Eyes downcast, heart heavy,  I reply, "You're tired?"  

Single Moms Rock: Part 2- Dating Appcidents

So, if you checked out Single Mom Rocks, I promised you there'd be a sequel... and here it is!              Dating App Ass-haps This piece, also inspired by my single mom LPN friend, came out on the site today! I know my friend was eagerly awaiting the sharing of … Continue reading Single Moms Rock: Part 2- Dating Appcidents

Put Me Out To Pasture: Musings on Getting Older

I turned 36. I suppose that's not a big deal, but it kinda feels like a big deal.  I'm a mother to a 4 ½-year-old and an almost 3-year-old. My brain feels, on most days, like it is the consistency of messy diaper droppings, with approximately the same capabilities. I can't tell you how many … Continue reading Put Me Out To Pasture: Musings on Getting Older