Forgive me Father, For I Have Squealed

  As the youngest of six, I probably got away with a lot more than my older siblings. But there was one thing that I did that never failed to call down the wrath of Dad... SQUEAL.   Scream, shriek, squawk, yowl… whatever you like to call it. The high pitched emissions of a young, … Continue reading Forgive me Father, For I Have Squealed

Toddler Fat Tuesday

Gone are the days when kicking up my heels and flashing my "smile" are appropriate as good ol' Fat Tuesday rolls around. I actually have never celebrated Mardi Gras, at least that I can remember. Maybe once... or perhaps that was Cinco De Mayo... not sure. Anyway... I digress. Regardless, there is literally zero possibility … Continue reading Toddler Fat Tuesday

Hazy Putrid Love

Now this is a love story. There’s lots of good ones out there, but I really liked this blogger’s perspective on it! Check out her other posts while you’re there.

because BECAUSE is not an answer!

Oh Love! I love love! Love love love! But I’m talking about real love. Not, buy me flowers and chocolates love. Not sex on the kitchen table love. Not, let’s pretend Valentines day doesn’t exist love. But true love. Fearless love. The kind of love that knows all, sees all, and keeps on lovin’. More specifically, I’m talking about puking out my nose and peeing out my ass love.

That’s the stuff!

It was only last month I thought I was dying. Not really, but sort of. My stomach hurt. Then it REALLY hurt. And I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. And, being the pain-in-the-ass that I am (those are Steven’s words, not mine), I thought I could just wait it out. Take some Pepto and go on with my life. I’ve found that, medically, if you ignore whatever it is long enough, it will go away… or become tremendously worse…

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5 Reasons Why Drinking Wine While Momming Might Make Me A Better Mom

Okay, let's start off with, I am not a " Lush". Despite the title of this post, I have yet to partake in this adventure, I just ponder it on a daily basis. I've liked wine for awhile, but had taken a hiatus from it for some time. Having recently come to my senses and … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Drinking Wine While Momming Might Make Me A Better Mom