The Loves of Your Lives

It seems appropriate to chronicle some of my babes' life moments, and as they are 3 1/2 and 2, I've got a bit of catching up to do. Oldest: Your first love was/is Daddy. You've always been Daddy's girl and would lie on his chest with such contentedness as a baby, when not much made … Continue reading The Loves of Your Lives


Fly Mom of Somewhere…

In western PA, born n' raised -a nose in a joke book- how I spent most of my days. Mastering the knock knock, feeling so cool. Badass punchline is just the tool. There's nothing like the sound of crisp paper ripping away, small hands feverishly awaiting the contents  it masks. It was just such a … Continue reading Fly Mom of Somewhere…

Awaiting the Flame

Enveloped in darkness for an indeterminate amount of time, her body numbed while a druggish haze invaded her mind. She lapsed between complete states of unconsciousness and a fuzzy cognizance of some semblance of awakening. With no ability to determine the length of this condition, or mental capacity to remember how it was induced, there … Continue reading Awaiting the Flame

Well shit!

Spare I thought this was the daily prompt not the photo challenge- so I have a little of both. Lol. ELAINE I'm sorry this is.. this is kind of embarrassing but.. there's no toilet paper over here JANE (from the stall on Elaine's right)-are you talking to me? ELAINE yeah.. I I just forgot to check so if you could … Continue reading Well shit!