A Deep Sleep

Suddenly awake, breath caught in her chest, aware of its presence in her bed. Fueled by adrenaline, she grasped at the cold, clammy invader seeking to expel it. It was incapable of admitting defeat, seemingly attached to her body. Slowly, prickles pierced her hand, with the return of blood flow.

Gained 6 pounds, Punted a Baby, and Took an Art Class- Mother’s Day Weekend Wins.

Well, the gloves came off this weekend, and the eating commenced! Starting with a container of donut holes that called my name while shopping on Friday, and which my kids proclaimed they didn't care for (who ARE you?), I ate my way through Mother's Day weekend. Like the hungry, hungry caterpillar preparing to blossom into … Continue reading Gained 6 pounds, Punted a Baby, and Took an Art Class- Mother’s Day Weekend Wins.

Their Tiny Two-Cents Worth

Maybe I’m crazy, or maybe I’m just a mom of toddlers. Maybe this doesn’t happen for all moms, but there has to be some of you out there who are in the same shoes. Let me break down a little scenario for you. So, I’m having a typical toddler day. They are running about, playing … Continue reading Their Tiny Two-Cents Worth

Permission Granted

"Maybe it's time." His own mother's words release her. --- The pound of each step echoes inside her chest as her feet strike the pavement. She stops to make a call. "It's gotten that bad? Of  course, you can come home." ---- "Tell me to stay." His head sinks into his hands.  

Comfort From A 4-Year-Old

Four years and four hours ago your daddy and I welcomed you into this world. After a scheduled inducement where you broke my water the morning of anyway, we headed to the hospital bright and early for a day full of labor. No one was going to tell you when to come into this world. … Continue reading Comfort From A 4-Year-Old

Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

“Hey Nana,” I answered the phone, awaiting the latest update. “Well, they think they found him. His body hasn’t been identified by the Cleveland police yet, but there is a body of a man in the matching car, and supposedly he took his own life. I think there was a small chase.” “Oh good. He’s … Continue reading Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!