Single Moms Rock

So, I have this friend... She is a single mom, and very similar to me mom-wise and just as a person. For those of you who actually know me... that's a little bit scary perhaps. I get it. Anyways, she and I talk... a lot... and as she sojourns the dating world I am often … Continue reading Single Moms Rock


Defeating Fear

Looming above them, 20-steps, a leviathan in the 4-year old's eyes. "I've got you," I reassured. Hesitating steps up, nervous smile at the top, then the rush. Eyes wild, "Big slide again, Mommy."

5 Ways Being A Mom Makes Me A Bad-Ass Super Villain

Becoming a mom is truly a magical experience, unrivaled by any other. However, it isn’t all fairytales and princesses. Throughout this journey of motherhood, I have come to find that I just might make one badass super villain, and all from my momming experiences. Here are 5 ways that being a mom likens me to a … Continue reading 5 Ways Being A Mom Makes Me A Bad-Ass Super Villain

Teachers: You’re At Bat

It's back to school time- my second of which I will not be returning along with the throng of anxious teachers, eagerly and not so eagerly awaiting what the year will bring.  And since I will not be in the trenches with you, I will be here on the sidelines instead, cheering you on, and … Continue reading Teachers: You’re At Bat

Help Me Rhonda…err I Mean Readers.

Have you ever been somewhere and been struck by something that you saw that made you think a bit more about your own life? This is exactly what I describe in my piece accepted by (It's my first paid online piece!!) Please click here to read! Please check it out and share on Facebook … Continue reading Help Me Rhonda…err I Mean Readers.