Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

“Hey Nana,” I answered the phone, awaiting the latest update. “Well, they think they found him. His body hasn’t been identified by the Cleveland police yet, but there is a body of a man in the matching car, and supposedly he took his own life. I think there was a small chase.” “Oh good. He’s … Continue reading Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

Who Knew? Sex and The City Captures Motherhood Perfectly

Many moms out there are probably familiar with the oh so popular HBO sitcom, Sex and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker, among others, that was popular in the 90's and 2000's. I was a late comer to this series, not watching it until introduced by my co-workers after the show was already a box … Continue reading Who Knew? Sex and The City Captures Motherhood Perfectly

A Good Day

"A package will be delivered on Monday, April 3rd between 10:30- 2:30 p.m. Weight: 8lbs." This is what the email from UPS read in her email, but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what would possibly be being delivered. "Did I even order anything?" she pondered. That can't be good. Making purchases … Continue reading A Good Day

The meanies lost, or how I taught my four-year-old about the Holocaust 

I came across this post today and just had to share it on the committee’s website. Educating about the Holocaust is not always left for our older youth, but the very young as well. This mom has the right idea when tough questions come up.

I watched my son gaze curiously at the wall of the synagogue; his eyes falling on a worn and tattered scroll behind a glass display.

We were visiting my parents’ synagogue during the first two two days of Passover, and my son wanted to learn more about the Torah, the hand-scribed scroll of the Old Testament, which hung on the wall. This particular Torah was desecrated by the Nazis during World War Two and was recovered by the Jewish people. This sacred object was very much a symbol of the resilience of my community and a source of pride for the synagogue.

My inquisitive four-year-old examined the tears and burnt markings and wanted to know what happened. He understood the Torah was usually kept in the Aron Kodesh, or holy cabinet, and is used during Jewish prayer service. He wanted to know why this particular Torah was behind glass.

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The Toddler Whisperer

Oh, the joys of a young one learning to talk. It is amazing what toddlers can pick up, and how quickly they can do so. At first is sounds, pointing and you can make some meaning out of it. Before long, they are learning words, stringing a few together, and then pulling out full sentences. … Continue reading The Toddler Whisperer

Nuthin’ But A Blog Thing Baby

So, if you read my blog you know I just love a good rewrite.  And, chances are, if you read my blog, you are greatly interested in knowing more about how to be as successful as can be in the blogging world. Well, along this blogging journey of mine, I have come across two women … Continue reading Nuthin’ But A Blog Thing Baby

“You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight.” Please… no.

It is often said after doing something rather tiresome that one will "sleep like a baby." I never really thought about this phrase as being complete and utter bullshit until the other night when I was trying to get to sleep and couldn't. I could not get comfortable no matter in what position I would … Continue reading “You’re gonna sleep like a baby tonight.” Please… no.