Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

“Hey Nana,” I answered the phone, awaiting the latest update.
“Well, they think they found him. His body hasn’t been identified by the Cleveland police yet, but there is a body of a man in the matching car, and supposedly he took his own life. I think there was a small chase.”
“Oh good. He’s dead?”
“Yeah. Most likely. Do you know where they found him?”
“No, where?”
“In Erie.”
She rattled off some street names that I knew were familiar but couldn’t quite place. But still… it wasn’t too terribly far from where my mother -in-law lived, a town we had moved away from in the last few years as we had started having children. Erie makes national news because of the Facebook Killer. Not exactly the kind of attention a town wants.
“Well, I guess I can take the girls for a walk today then. I wasn’t sure about heading out with them. He could have been anywhere, and what would we do with only our stroller?”
“I don’t blame you, honey. I had been thinking the same thing. All those wooded areas on your road.”

And this is the sad reality of being a mom today. It scares the shit out of me all the time, thinking about how I am going to keep my girls protected in a world that seems increasingly more dangerous.

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24 thoughts on “Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

  1. It is a scary world out there. I think that bad things have always happened, we just didn’t always know about them before. We didn’t always have 24/7 media, and cell phones with instant access to the world, and Amber alerts. I think it is normal to worry about your kids, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying your time with them.

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  2. With you all the way on this! I was a worrier when mine were children and yet the dangers weren’t quite so many and varied as they are now because of the internet. The people who prey on children have now got the perfect communications system. Parents today have it tougher than we did in so many ways and the balance between keeping them safe and letting them have some freedom must be an excruciating path to navigate. On the up side, the large majority of children reach adulthood absolutely fine, leaving us to sleep peacefully in our old age! Mine live away and I deliberately don’t talk to them too often because I don’t want to start worrying about why they aren’t answering their phones. Or why they haven’t returned ny texts. Because I would! No, this is MY time – done enough of what you are going through. Just keep up the good work and drink lots of wine 😀.

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  3. my little hates that I won’t let her ride the school bus. I still drive her every day. Its funny, because I worry less about things that are happening now in regards to my kids – but where things are heading in the future scares the crap out of me #fridayfriviolity

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  4. I honestly think parenting would scare me at any given time even back when our world was considered “safe”… it’s scary to think of how fragile human life is and the fact that I’ve been left in charge of three of them.

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  5. Oh yes, you voiced some of the fears that I’m too afraid to put words to – we just never know who is watching us. It’s one of those things that parents worry about and the kids are blissfully unaware. #blogcrush

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  6. I’m exactly the same as you and I have really noticed that my anxiety levels have risen since I became a mother. It’s a crazy world out there but the thing is we can’t think too much about it otherwise we never do anything or go anywhere. We must be mindful of danger but we can’t lock ourselves and kids at home.
    Thank you for sharing with #StayClassyMama

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