NOT- The Sounds of Silence

"Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence" Dear Paul Simon: What would you call this? Do you hear what I hear? from … Continue reading NOT- The Sounds of Silence

Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

“Hey Nana,” I answered the phone, awaiting the latest update. “Well, they think they found him. His body hasn’t been identified by the Cleveland police yet, but there is a body of a man in the matching car, and supposedly he took his own life. I think there was a small chase.” “Oh good. He’s … Continue reading Motherhood Scares the Shit Out of Me!

10 Ways 90’s Rap Helps Me Stay Fly

Parenting can be hard. That's an overstatement, and also a statement that is overused. What can we do as parents to get through it all, raise some respectable kiddos, and have a little fun at the same time? The answer, my friends is easy. Just push play, and let the music be your guide. Potty … Continue reading 10 Ways 90’s Rap Helps Me Stay Fly


  Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Her hand lay across her belly, the sensation so strange. Like an over inflated basketball, the hardness was not what she expected, nor was the butterfly-like fluttering coming from inside. The amount of wonder within her about so many things was immeasurable. Question piled upon … Continue reading Twinkle

Fly Mom of Somewhere…

In western PA, born n' raised -a nose in a joke book- how I spent most of my days. Mastering the knock knock, feeling so cool. Badass punchline is just the tool. There's nothing like the sound of crisp paper ripping away, small hands feverishly awaiting the contents  it masks. It was just such a … Continue reading Fly Mom of Somewhere…

The Things We Leave Behind

13 minutes. The approximate time left to tell my former principal that I have successfully found childcare for my girls and can re-interview for my old position to come back as a teacher in the fall. The saga which has been my leave from my teaching position in January and the will- I/won't- I- be- returning game … Continue reading The Things We Leave Behind


  Aching feet, clothes muddied and snagged from the seemingly impenetrable bramble which aids in securing the sanctity of this spot, she finally reaches her destination. How many years had it been?  Neglected for more than twenty years? After her "rescue"by Prince Charming, the whirlwind of life, marriage, and motherhood caught her in its cyclonic … Continue reading Dwarfed