5 Reasons Why Drinking Wine While Momming Might Make Me A Better Mom

Okay, let’s start off with, I am not a ” Lush“. Despite the title of this post, I have yet to partake in this adventure, I just ponder it on a daily basis. I’ve liked wine for awhile, but had taken a hiatus from it for some time. Having recently come to my senses and started drinking it again, I have come to realize some things.

Drinking wine while Momming:

  1. would help me to chill the F#@! out.  I’m not going to lie. Sometimes I lose my shit while doing my  motherly activities. Sometimes it is warranted as in when one child finger stabs the other child’s throat because she was looking at her the wrong way and breathing, but other times it isn’t. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror while yelling the other day, and it isn’t pretty. My tolerance of craziness would run higher if I sipped on some wine during the day. cac2bfc41db001e391ef936f2378409c
  2. might make me even sillier, which my kids might like. Now, I can be pretty silly. Ridiculous even, but sometimes I try to “get things done” and then my silly goes away, and I become a little more drill sergeant-esque.  A glass or two of wine and I’d be like, “sweeper what?” and giggling my butt off at some toddler joke instead. 5cafb30780a67acdc03c5043384e20fb
  3. could amp up my lovey-doveyness. Not that I’m not an affectionate mother. I praise and love on my kids all day long, but it would have just that extra little umph that a bit o’ wine can add at times. I’m talking “happy” not “sloppy”.
  4. will up my stock of empty wine bottles for awesome Mom projects I have been pinning away at on Pinterest. How do you expect me to make the craft if I don’t have the resources?  Moms are supposed to be prepared right?
  5. might just be healthy for all of us in this family. Don’t forget the heart healthy benefits of wine. bcb0e446722b3c6e2dc09754e6bb8423

Ok, so maybe I just want to and my only really solid reason is the first one I have listed, but that one reason is substantial validation for my cause and all moms out there who just need a little chill during the Momming hours.

Glasses up!



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18 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Drinking Wine While Momming Might Make Me A Better Mom

  1. I try really hard to wait until the kids have gone to bed to drink my wine but sometimes needs must and I end up cracking the bottle open earlier than planned. I find it helps enormously in all the ways you listed.


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