Guest Blogger: 10 Ways 90’s Rap Helps Me Stay Fly

Check out my awesome opportunity guest blogging over at MomvsJess!

Mom vs. Jess

By PrettyFlyForAWhiteMom

Parenting can be hard. That’s an overstatement, and also a statement that is overused. What can we do as parents to get through it all, raise some respectable kiddos, and have a little fun at the same time? The answer, my friends is easy. Just push play, and let the music be your guide.

  1. Potty training

While potty training my oldest, I found it helpful when she was reluctant to relax and “let it go,” to get her to do a little grunt whilst seated upon the pot. So, what better way to encourage this than to sing “Makem Say Uh” by Master P. I mean, come’on. He is a “master” at this right? So there we sit in the bathroom, singing, “Let me hear you say UH. Uh. Na nanana Na nanana. Let me hear you say Uh uh uhuh Uh uh uh.” We…

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