3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

“Hate knows no faith, culture, race, age, identity. To nurture and brew hate- you don’t love it and take care of it- you ignore it. You pretend it doesn’t exist. when you see something wrong, you look the other way. You rationalize things. And that’s the danger- when you see something wrong you need to think about it- what’s my role in this?”

Tanya Khan 2013 I Remember Presentation

Image-1-2Tanya  has been an inspiration to me as an  educator and a human being. Though my time knowing her was not long, as the summer after her presentation at my school her life was tragically cut short, her memory and her message lived on in my classroom:

 “My calling as an educator is to debunk these stereotypes and teach my students that they have choices and a voice. To stand up for all of humanity all of the time. It’s not a buffet- you can’t pick and choose the human rights that only suit you.”


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