Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers

Happy Valentine's Day. It is this incredible holiday which brings out the best of everything: roses priced astronomically high, a plethora of heart-shaped candy boxes, stuffed animals out the wazoo and the ever-classic candy conversation hearts. These delectable treats are a staple of the holiday and have changed over the years with the waxing and … Continue reading Valentine’s Day- Don’t Forget the Teachers

Marry a Man Who is Good With His Hands

Not only is this the last piece of advice given to me by my father, it is also the last real thing I remember him telling me before he passed away.  As I left his hospital room that Christmas evening from a "routine" stay to clean out his lungs,(he suffered from COPD and other smoking … Continue reading Marry a Man Who is Good With His Hands


  Aching feet, clothes muddied and snagged from the seemingly impenetrable bramble which aids in securing the sanctity of this spot, she finally reaches her destination. How many years had it been?  Neglected for more than twenty years? After her "rescue"by Prince Charming, the whirlwind of life, marriage, and motherhood caught her in its cyclonic … Continue reading Dwarfed

Well shit!

Spare I thought this was the daily prompt not the photo challenge- so I have a little of both. Lol. ELAINE I'm sorry this is.. this is kind of embarrassing but.. there's no toilet paper over here JANE (from the stall on Elaine's right)-are you talking to me? ELAINE yeah.. I I just forgot to check so if you could … Continue reading Well shit!