Formalities aside, she sat, a single lily in hand, listening to the sound of a piano playing, waiting. He’d loved crimson against her fair skin. She had loved him since he gifted her that single flower and his promise to love her to the end of his days.

This post is in response to this month’s Microprose challenge at Go check it out.


19 thoughts on “Requiem

  1. You set the scene well, and showed her emotions through her isolation. It’s not immediately clear whether the lily she’s holding is the exact same one he gifted her (that’s either an everlasting flower, or a very short relationship!), or whether it’s simply the same kind of lily.

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    • Thank you. The hope was that it was his funeral, that’s why I used the title. And was hoping the “formalities aside” and her dressed in crimson would help denote that. As though she didn’t care if she was supposed to be dressed in black- she dressed for him.


  2. The title helped me to piece together that she was wearing red at a lover’s funeral (in the US at least that is scandalous). The mood is melancholy but not heavy, almost as if he’d been ill a long time and she’d already mourned.

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