Kid Convos

Conversations with my kiddos can be so incredible. I never know what to expect from them, in both good and perhaps embarrassing or even slightly bad ways, but regardless of how it comes out, it never ceases to amaze me at the same time. I know that these little snippets are fleeting treasures that will get lost in the waves of time unless I make a point to capture them, and so I often will pull out my phone and tell someone what was said, or jot it into the notes feature “for later”. Here are a few that I have been collecting…

  • Oopsy doops- Any time my youngest makes an error in some way, drops something, spills something, whatever it may be, she often can be heard sweetly uttering this little phrase, “Oopsy doops.”
  • “I love you so much. I not going to throw you in the garbage. I not. Cuz that would hurt your feelings. Right, Mom?” – I think my youngest told me this while we were snuggling one morning before her older sister was yet awake. Lying beside me in my bed, she just very matter-of-factly uttered this train of thoughts. For some time she has liked to emphasize what she is saying with an “I not” or an “I am” because in her little heart it’s imperative to be sure she is clearly understood, like “I not playing with you anymore, I not,” or  “I so so tired, I am.” Precious.
  •  While gathering at the table for breakfast and my eldest was having a rough morning, my girls had this little conversation started by my youngest:

“Sissy is a baby.”

“No, I’m not. Don’t talk to me.”

“I wasn’t. I was talking to myself.”( This last part was in a breathy, to herself, kind of voice at which I couldn’t help but chuckle.)

  • While doing my youngest’s hair, we shared this exchange:

” I love you so much.”

“You know what I love?”


“When you listen.”

“Know what I love?”


“Being bad… “(insert maniacal laugh) * Let me remind you that she isn’t even 3 yet.

  • While jumping on the trampoline outside, my oldest happened to notice that our neighbor was out mowing his lawn with a push mower. It was hot out, and the man, as men sometimes do, was not wearing his shirt. Eyes fixed on this strange to her sight, she looked at me, looked at the man and then said  not so quietly, “Dissssgusssting!” Thank heavens our yard is large enough and the mower loud enough, I hope, that he wouldn’t have heard her.
  •  Last night, after showers, the girls were running around as  I was finishing getting dressed. My eldest caught me as I was putting on a pair of comfy capri pants, and happened to catch a peek at my undergarments. Clearly, they were much to her liking as she burst out with, “Wooooo weeee Mom! Those are some pretty panties!”

It hasn’t really happened yet, but I know these girls are going to get me with some real whoppers when out in public.


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