Uncertain Future

Glancing back once more, the ashes fall lightly on me, their origin cringeworthy.  The repugnant smell causes my beyond empty belly to recoil, attempting to bring up any remaining remnants. I turn away and walk as briskly as my feeble legs can muster. “Never again” turned into again and again all across the world. Race, beliefs, and every possible difference grounds for all out battle against one another.  The sky’s tears and mine own stream down with each additional  unsure step.


4 thoughts on “Uncertain Future

  1. This couldn’t be truer right now. Every day is uncertain, and the divides seem to be becoming greater. There were a couple of places I had to read over because I stumbled over the words. “Beyond empty stomach” was the main one and “all across”. Both first words could have been removed and the sentence would have been stronger for it. Still, great take on the prompt!

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