Gained 6 pounds, Punted a Baby, and Took an Art Class- Mother’s Day Weekend Wins.

Well, the gloves came off this weekend, and the eating commenced! Starting with a container of donut holes that called my name while shopping on Friday, and which my kids proclaimed they didn’t care for (who ARE you?), I ate my way through Mother’s Day weekend. Like the hungry, hungry caterpillar preparing to blossom into a beautiful butterfly, only this butterfly found that I am just now a fatter caterpillar. Maybe next time, eh?

It was while on one of the eating excursions this weekend that I  then decided to join a new football team, one which uses babies as the ball.

While making a trip to the hostess desk, I turned around to go back to my seat, and felt my foot sort of lift off the ground a soft, yet slightly heavy object and move it a little further along the floor. If playing a game, it would have been a major disappointment for the fans,  and the parents of the baby whom I’d just slightly punted were not super pleased either.

First, I had to look around for the owners, but once they recognized the wails of the baby they had let wander away, on the floor of a public restaurant, which had now become the center of a gruesome and embarrassing game, the mother rushed over to pick her up. I offered my apologies to mom and baby, took the icy stare from the father with a grain of salt, and returned to my table to share my stellar Mom moment with my crew.

The weekend wasn’t all gluttony and gore though. Saturday morning, my step-daughter and I took a painting class at Hobby Lobby. I don’t know about other branches of the store, but our teacher was awesome, and we were the only customers for the class so it turned into a private lesson, which I was ecstatic about. ( I’m not super social.)

Other than one slightly embarrassing moment, when I took a genuine question she asked about a local park to be a joke and laughed way too hard, and then laughed even harder when I found out I was just an ass and not the receiver of a joke, it was awesome. I felt like I genuinely learned a few things, and I got to paint and take home this,  with which I was really pleased.


Wishing I could make a living off this kind of thing!

So, all in all, a successful Mother’s Day weekend full of food, football, and fun! Hope all the Mother’s had a great time.

Back to the grind!



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