Mom-knocked Life

As we begin heading into the merry month of May, of course, it will be a time here shortly to celebrate all those wonderful Mother…. s that we know, and are. So, in preparation for such a holiday, I put together a little ditty to celebrate the Mom-knocked life that so many of us are rocking these days. It’s inspired, of course by my little ones, the other mothers who are near and dear to my heart, and also, Annie’s “Hard-knocked Life.”


Candid shots are so flattering, eh? 



It’s a mom-knocked life for me,

It’s’ a mom-knocked life for me.

Steada sleeping,

We get waked.

Steada perky,

Breasts pancaked.

It’s the mom-knocked life.

Pushed out some babies, so

It’s the mom-knocked row we hoe.

Wearin jammies,

Steada real clothes.

Diggin boogies,

Outta their nose.

It’s the mom-knocked life.

Don’t it sound like someone is always whinin?

Don’t they know they are supposed to sleep at night?

Wouldn’t you love to just be reclining?

Go ahead, finish that wine, it’s alright.

They’re always there in the bathroom right beside you.

They’re always there, sitting on stools by the sink.

They’re always there when you have to take a poo.

It don’t even matter how much it may stink.


24/7 Life.

Hell and heaven Life.

Full of tomorrow Life.

Wanna borrow my life?

Alone time we never see.

Alone time, what’s that? Where’s me?

Kids truly don’t care a smidge,

Anything but “they time” is discouraged

“You’ll stay up til I fall asleep, and don’t you dare creak that floor when you leave.”

Maybe tell her she’s the bomb,

Don’t rub on her a sticky palm.

Instead of a tantrum, try to stay calm.

Tell her sweetly, “I Love you, Mom.”

It’s the mom-knocked life for me.



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5 thoughts on “Mom-knocked Life

  1. You sum up motherhood perfectly. Inspired by this, I am very tempted to do my own from the other end of the road we walk as parents. Just not sure my emotions can cope with looking that closely at missing my little boys now aged 34 and 36 and the life I had when they were ‘my boys’. Your view from the sharp end is really funny and touching at the same time.

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