A Good Day

“A package will be delivered on Monday, April 3rd between 10:30- 2:30 p.m. Weight: 8lbs.” This is what the email from UPS read in her email, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what would possibly be being delivered.

“Did I even order anything?” she pondered. That can’t be good. Making purchases and having no recollection thereof.  Maybe her husband was expecting something. But, then, why would she get the email instead of him? That didn’t make sense either.

Not great about waiting on the unknown, she had no choice and soon forgot all about it. A discussion with her husband proved fruitless as he had no idea what would possibly be coming either, and so the weekend passed. Monday morning came, and so did the UPS delivery.

As she heard the telltale signs of the delivery truck pulling into her driveway, she threw on a sweatshirt to answer the door. She had actually forgotten all about it but was anxious to see what had arrived. Bringing in the box provided no clues, but as soon as she opened the box, the first thing she saw was a packing order. Packing orders are usually for multiple items, and suddenly her hands began to shake.

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It was silly, but there she was, a ball of nervousness and excitement at what lay beyond that brown packing paper.

As she pulled the top copy of the book out and flipped open to the index, there it was.


Her name. In print for the very first time.

A dream she had had since a little girl, to be published in print, was finally a reality.

It wasn’t exactly in the capacity that she had imagined her dream might be realized, but there is no way of predicting how things will work out. Life had made her aware of that many times over, but it was still a reality, and for that, she was incredibly grateful.

It was a start. It was fuel to feed the fire for a greater realization of that dream. Something to remind her when she was doubting her ability to do this, to chase this kind of life, that she had already made a small step in the right direction, and she hadn’t thought that would happen either. But it did.

And now, today, April 18th, 2017, the first book that had her published work in it was on sale for the world to purchase and read.

Today is a good day.

* If anyone is interested in a copy, please click here to be linked directly to it. The Chicken Soup for the Soul books always make great gifts and are fun reads for just about anyone.


Epic Mommy Adventures
Let's Be Friends


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19 thoughts on “A Good Day

  1. That’s brilliant! Congratulations. The first step to your own book no doubt as you have what it takes to entertain and inform people with your writing. Maybe a collection of your blog posts in book form?

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    • Lol! You’re too kind! It has been an experience for sure. Editing for example- at first I felt my draft was so edited and condensed that I got lost in the process. So, I re-edited and tried to get me back in there, but still when I read it in my very own hands, there were some mixed emotions. Unexpected side of the experience, but all part of the learning curve. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!!

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