Nuthin’ But A Blog Thing Baby

So, if you read my blog you know I just love a good rewrite.  And, chances are, if you read my blog, you are greatly interested in knowing more about how to be as successful as can be in the blogging world. Well, along this blogging journey of mine, I have come across two women who happen to be pretty badass at the whole blogging thing. They are none other than Kristin McCarthy of Four Princesses and the Cheese, and Nathalie Laitmon of And see, they went and did this super awesome thing called, writing an e-book, A Writer's Badass Guide To Branding, Blogging and Social Media by [Laitmon, Nathalie, McCarthy, Kristin]

There it is right there! Pretty cool, huh?

It’s already climbing the charts on Amazon’s best seller list, and so if you’re looking for some inside tips on how to be more successful as a blogger, you should click on that book and grab yourself a copy, read your blog writing hiney off, and get busy getting bloggy with it.

It has inspired me to write the little ditty below, well, it and Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre’s “Ain’t Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang” inspired me.

So… here it goes!

Ain’t Nuthin But A Blog Thing

1, 2, 3 and to the 4
McCarthy princesses, cheese and the Laitmon at your door.
Ready to show you how it’s done, so back on up,
(Cause you know we’re about to type shit up.)
Give us a computer, we can show you how to do it,
From the Suburbs to worldwide
To read our book you must commit.
Ain’t nothing but a blog thing baby,
Two badass moms, yeah they’re crazy.
SuburbanMisfitMom- the label that pays me-

But um, back to the lecture at hand,
They’ve got brandin perfected and can make you understand
From a Blogger’s perspective
Before you roll that blog out, let them give you some directive.
Lots you don’t know, you could be earning some dough
And learning the ropes, avoiding all the blog woes.
Get a copy of that Writer’s Badass Guide
Branding, blogging, all part of riding the blogger’s ride.
And they’re realer than a Target top deal,
So now you blog hoppin’ wannabes know how I feel.
It’s better than the snacks you sneak in the closet,
Now go buy a copy- it’s well worth the deposit.

It’s like type and like edit, and like post and uh
It’s like edit and like type and like post and uh
So just chill, till the follow up, yo.

JENerally Informed


Babi a Fi

14 thoughts on “Nuthin’ But A Blog Thing Baby

  1. Ok ok – I’ll get it! Hope it’s available on Kindle – I like the Look Inside feature when buying on spec. Thanks for the info! Apologies for being absent from here – I have been busy going round in circles!

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  2. Haha what a clever rewrite! I really must start checking out Ebooks, I am a bit in the stone age when it comes to something that I can hold and read in front of me. I could use some blogging and social media tips. Thank you very much for linking to #stayclassymama xx

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