I Love You Dearly, But Sleeping With You Straight Up Sucks At Times


This is the worst!

  • First, that I even need to be here in the first place.
    • Your poor little congested body is as propped up as can be. You’ve had the medicine that I’m allowed to give you. I’ve got you Vicksed and the Vicks humidifier is a`blowin. Yet still, you can find no rest, and so the alternative to running to your room every few minutes when you cough, gag on clear thick mucus, or just simply call my name, is to crawl into bed with you. Luckily, you have a full size bed. Thank you Nana for the crib to real size bed when you were just born! And yes, this sure beats laying on the floor like I used to do when you were in a crib, but this is not a cuddle filled snuggle fest we have here in the morning sometimes. A time I truly enjoy and cherish. This is different.
  • Why don’t you know how to flip onto your side?  This I ponder through the wee hours of the night. You lay on your right side and then in the middle of the night you go to flip onto your left, as Mommy keeps reminding you that sleeping on your side should help to quiet your cough, but instead of a simple roll to the other side, you do a complete flip. Down into the  bed and away from your perfectly positioned pillows to prop you up and allow you to breathe better.  So here comes the Mama crane to lift you back to the desired position for optimum rest.
  • Each time you wake, there is a constant and LOUD cacophony of whines which accompany it. I don’t want you to wake your father or your sister, and I really want to help, so it would be wonderful if you could use some words. I know you feel awful, and words just may not be able to express your dissatisfaction, but I’m doing my best to help you here, and I don’t speak fluent whine.
  • Why can’t you blow your nose yet? We keep working on it. I’m not sure what else to do to help you get it. It would be so helpful if we could master this little trick!
  • Literally, I think you’re giving me 2 feet in which to sleep. This bed is reinforced for Mama to sleep on this side only as we didn’t put the box springs under it for support since it jacks you way up into the sky, and would create a much further fall should it ever happen.  Despite the bed rails, it is possible as we learned with your sister, but that’s another tale.  Mama ain’t as little as she used to be, and I think my arm is about to fall off as it is so lacking circulation.
  • How, how is it soothing to put hair in your mouth? This is a mystery I will never, NEVER understand. Generally people don’t want hair  in their mouth, sweetie. Why is this soothing to you in the wee hours of the night as you try to get back to sleep… again?

I love you dearly. I am here to take the best care of you that I can, but it has to be said. This sleeping situation sucks majorly.

Cuddles? Yes. Snuggles? Yes. Anytime please and keep them coming.

I will just count the minutes, hours, and days until this nasty cold goes away, and we can have you sleeping soundly once more.

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15 thoughts on “I Love You Dearly, But Sleeping With You Straight Up Sucks At Times

  1. Hope both of you feel better soon.
    My 13 year old, even now, walks randomly into our room and plops into the bed with me. Especially when she has a cold, a fever, her period..whatever. A 13 year old can occupy a lot of space, believe me. After squishing with her father (unromantically) to one side of the bed, I am left with no alternative but to kick the poor guy to the couch so that the teenager can take 80% of the giant bed.
    Lest you think I am complaining, I want to hold on to every moment that the girl gets into bed with me. Soon enough she will fly the nest and I will miss it.

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  2. I hope health has returned. Although it is trying and tiring to comfort a sick child through the night, you may just find when the child is grown that they will have very fond memories of how you comforted and made them feel safe during their sickness.

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    • Thank you. I hope so. It’s always hard when a kiddo is sick, but my youngest has always been particularly tough and I keep thinking she will grow out of it, and she may, but not yet. As a mom you hate to see them struggle, and sometimes you just have to vent because there’s no way you won’t be there for them.


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  4. Gosh your posts take me back 33 plus years! We had a 6ft x 7 ft water bed with a big solid deep sofa with arms jammed between my side of bed and the wall and it still wasn’t enough room!!!! I used to believe in the ‘family bed’ when I had my babies but after struggling through mummy-hood being a dippy-hippy earth mummy, I am not sure I even believe in sleeping in the same HOUSE as toddlers with colds any more! Just kidding 🙂 My 2 year old grandson was just here with a streaming cold and it freaked me out that one minute his nose had masses of goo leaking out but by the time I grabbed tissues to clean it up, it had gone. Where dear God? WHERE? We will probably never know.


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