It Runs in the Family

I love my family. Growing up the youngest of six kids has led to some really wonderful experiences as we grew, then got married, then had kids, and then the kids started having kids… and we’re all at different phases within this process. My niece who is 11 years younger than I has a son who is two months older than my youngest… it’s a crazy mix, and I love it.

What’s really cool about it is that sometimes the children of your siblings end up having qualities so strikingly like yourself that you’d swear these kids are a direct clone of you rather than the offspring  of your sibling and a non-related person.  I had just such an experience last week.

Any of you who follow my blog or read me on the regular know I’m a little bit strange. I have an odd love for changing the words of songs and making them  my own to fit whatever purpose I deem necessary, whether that was in my classroom, or in my personal life.   Well, last week I had the immense pleasure of witnessing this…

Keeping it in the family from Patricia Wood on Vimeo.

This is my niece Tara. Tara is that kind of a girl who does things her own way, follows her own path, regardless of what others around her are telling her… like her obnoxious aunt who always gets on her about … just about everything!  But, perhaps more than either she or I realized,  the same blood flows through our veins and the same lyrical badassery in our hearts!

When she sent me this via text saying, “I’m a mini you,” my response was, ” I could not be more proud at this very moment.” And that’s true, but not only because of her mad rapping skillz. It is neat to see elements of yourself in your family members, funny even, but it’s even better that I can see her growing to be her own woman and paving her own path, dropping her own beat along the way.


2 thoughts on “It Runs in the Family

  1. When I saw you linked up to #ShowMeYours I was like yasssss. LOL.

    I’m so envious of bigger families and often wish I would have had four or five more kids. (I’m that kind of dangerous.)

    Tara is without question, a mini-you. Love this so much, lol. I’d love to be at your house for family get-togethers…my kind of people!


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