Not So Easy Chair


Sleepless nights spent together, a comfort despite the ache of a weary mind and heart.

No matter how alone I felt, you were always there for me,

And now that my babes are grown-no more baby beds being used,

You are far more to me than an easy chair.

You are where I struggled to nurse and then found success.

You were my refuge in the wee hours of the morning.

You were my ally in the battle against the unknown, which kept my girls awake and awake again.

The thought of getting rid of you breaks my heart in two, as you are not just a piece of furniture.

You are a sanctuary, a safe place, a bonding  site for both my girls and I,

And I hope that now that you are in a new location in our home, that you will still be a place for us to seek warmth and love from one another.

Snuggles, hugs, and sleepy moments-

Moments that will reassure me that just because my girls do not need you,

Does not mean that they do not need me.

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14 thoughts on “Not So Easy Chair

  1. Ahhhh, yes. I had a not so easy chair, too. It has long since been replaced by giant statue of Buddha. I’m working on my inner zen and shit. I don’t think it’s going well, but I’m not a quitter. 😉

    Thanks for linking up with us @ #ShowMeYours. We love your blog!

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    • It’s not a requisite, but let me tell you, the rocking recliner we had was much more comfortable than those other nursery rockers. And I had many a night where I napped a little in it with my babes. The first was a really tough one for sleeping. Brutal, actually. LOL.


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  4. Brought tears to my eyes. Motherhood is full of last times – the last time you sat in that chair to feed, the last time you read a certain book to your child, the last time you got up to offer comfort after a nightmare. But we never know at the time that all these things are last times. Oh how I wish I had known each and every last time. You are such a switched on mum. I think I sleep-walked through motherhood! Thank goodness for grandchildren. Cherish that chair – more memories are in the making!


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