Pooch Empowerment

So, there’s this odd way that I take the mundane and make it more empowering as inspired by my niece’s reaction to her last delivery. Read all about it here.

So in honor of  FridayFrivolity’s theme for dog memes  and the Westminster Dog Show 2017, I created my own dog meme for the linkup.


If he could drop the mic, he would.


15 thoughts on “Pooch Empowerment

  1. We had pure bred pugs that were worth their weight in gold! I tried to bargain for the second one (like a good Jewish momma) and she showed me the door! Know, we have a rescue pooch, and he is brilliant! $250 bucks and fabulous! My furry boychik (little boy) Gatsby. #FridayFrivolity xoxo

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    • I’ll tell ya, my nieces are birthing champs. All their kids, no meds, shooting them out left and right with barely any push time. My first.. was rough. I’ll just say that, and I had kidney stones during my first pregnancy, with pain that dropped me to my knees. I vowed I was going to be no one’s hero and take the meds as soon as I could. I don’t regret my decision, but major kudos to those moms who go au natural! Lol


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