Candy Conversation Hearts From My Toddlers

Valentine’s Day… she ain’t what she used to be.

But something that still remains from those days of yore and which will always be a part of this greeting card company induced holiday are the ever important candy conversation hearts. 

When I was in grade school,  I specifically remember picking these candy coded messages out of their cute little playing card sized box and hand delivering special ones to friends or boys I thought were cute at the time. If I could go back  I’d slap those stupid little hearts out of my hand yelling, “Wake up!” they don’t matter now, won’t matter in the future, so don’t waste your time. Eat the little sugary treats and be done with it.

Ah, live and learn, right?

Now that I’m a stay at home mom, some of the original mottoes like “Be Mine” and “Sweet Talk” are not necessarily super fitting.  So here are what the hearts my children would give to me might look like on this Valentine’s Day.

fullsizerender-8Aww… that’s cute right? Except this is usually in the most whiny of voices as of late, followed by, “I’m tired,” even if she just got up.

No baby, what you “need” is to calm down and get outta Mommy’s grill a little bit so we can get this day started, okay sweetie?


Okay. I get it. I’m loud. Do you really need to cover your ears like that when Mommy is having a moment that is truly bringing her joy? Even if it may be at someone else’s expense?  Really? Who taught you this? Fun sucker.


Everybody is a critic. You don’t keep up with the tweezing to perfection and even your little toddler is giving you heck for it. I didn’t ask for these random long ass hairs to grow on my chin. I’m trying not to look all busted up as best as I can! Get off my case!


She owns me, and she knows it.

Valentine’s Day is not quite the same as it once was, but at least beneath these heartfelt messages lies some real love. And that’s what it’s all about, amirite?

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9 thoughts on “Candy Conversation Hearts From My Toddlers

  1. Thank you!!! Wow! This made my day and believe me, I really, really, really something to make this day. I always love #FridayFrivolity but his one is even more – wondrous, with you here, Patricia. Thank you again and I hope this weekend treats you kindly. I will be back (again and again) to visit and share.

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    • You are most welcome. I always see your posts on the various link ups I have participated in, and always enjoy your perspective on things. This seemed like a perfect way to recognize all that you contribute to the blogging world. I’m glad it made your day! I am new to hosting, so this has already been a really fun experience. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Thank you for the well wishes!

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  2. Omg! This is hilariously true. There’s never a dull moment with toddlers around. I’m glad to be co-hosting with you this month. Can’t wait to read more of your content! Xx

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