Ass Splashery

img_7296It’s all in your perspective.

My girls never fail to teach me something. Today’s lesson was on perspective.
While going potty, my youngest props her feet up on the seat to get just the right angle for ultimate success. I foresee a purchase of the squatty potty in her future. Just as she was dropping the kids off at the pool, she smiles a smile of pure and utter delight. A high pitched shriek of toddler pleasure escapes her small, pink mouth, “Yay! It splashed!”

There is only one thing that it can be.

Seriously!? I think to myself.

That gets a yay?!

From a mom that is not a fan of germs, this is not such a yay. From a mom who would rather hoover above the throne, release, and then kinda hop up a lil to avoid any kind of splashage… this is not a yay.

But she was so utterly pleased with this development, it really hit home that while I may be thinking of cleanup, germs and what not, she is simply thrilled with a chilly little splash on her bum.

Which makes me wonder, why did Santa bother to bring such nice gifts this year if that’s all it takes?!

But it also made me ponder, how often do we as humans do just this and fail to see another perspective.

With the new year now here, it feels like the whole world could learn a little lesson from my youngest. Such a simple pleasure, and while her perspective was not mine own, there was no denying that my perspective was not the only one or the most correct. It may be cleaner for sure, but my germ phobia doesn’t elicit shrieks of pleasure from me as her little ass splashing did for her. While I may not join in on the fun and give it a go myself, I am able to see her side.

Imagine if we all took a little more time to do this with everyone. Perhaps we all need to take part in a little ass splashery from time to time in 2017… and follow up with a quick shower maybe.


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