Good Night

She held her oldest, humming Twinkle Twinkle Little  Star, rocking gently to her out of tune rendition. Lightly scratching the little one’s back whose arms wrapped tightly around her neck, and head snuggled perfectly into her shoulder, the little girl whispers, ” I love you Mommy.”

One tiny gesture from her daughter after this long day was all it took.
The gentle humming became small bits and pieces of the song choking through, tears flowing down her face as she clung tightly to the small girl, unable to hold back the weight which had been making her heart heavier throughout the day and her patience thinner.
Please, please don’t let tonight be the last time that I am able to say that I do not have breast cancer.

Yet, despite the fear that was nearly suffocating her, its powerful hands wrapped around her heart, she simply took a deep breath, cleared her throat, and replied,” I love you too, honey.”


5 thoughts on “Good Night

  1. Hey,
    Such a beautiful post. Simple yet so powerful. Hold on to these beautiful moments, they’ll get us through the toughest of times. I’m a mum of a 2 year old, with the next one due in 2 months, and your post drove me to tears. Needless to say, I weep every time I get an unsolicited kiss or burst of affection from my daughter. I love your writing and just wanted to reach out to say you’re doing such a great job at it all!

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