The Loves of Your Lives


Oldest leading the way, and Youngest quick to follow.

It seems appropriate to chronicle some of my babes’ life moments, and as they are 3 1/2 and 2, I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.


  1. Your first love was/is Daddy. You’ve always been Daddy’s girl and would lie on his chest with such contentedness as a baby, when not much made you serene or content.
  2. Elmo: That little red guy sure tickled your fancy, and as stuffed animals go, he was a top priority for a long time. We had spares to ensure your very happiness no matter where you went.
  3. Giraffey: The longest love of your life, this bedraggled stuffy is still a constant companion, and is holding strong despite his less than luxurious appearance.
  4. Yoda: This guy has been holding his own for several months now. You want to watch Daddy’s  Star Wars, you talk about your upcoming Yoda birthday party, although it’s December and your birthday is not until April. Everything I want you to eat, miraculously so does Yoda, and so you gobble it up in the hopes that you too will know the Force as he does.


  1. You’re a Mommy’s girl for sure. While you definitely have a soft spot for Ol’ Dad, when push comes to shove, you need your Mom.
  2. Binky… oh this little gem was a life saver so many times, in your eyes and ours. I was terrified to finally take it away from you. Dreaded the thought; however, as it was potentially messing up your speech, the little rubber and plastic contraption had to go. And it wasn’t so bad, but oh how you loved it.
  3. Barney: You liked Elmo as your sister did, but fell head over heels for that purple dink air. It wasn’t as long as an attachment as some your sister has had, but it was strong.
  4. Purple Bunny: Original as its name sake, this little guy was a Dollar Tree find at Easter time, but is a definite go to for night time, car rides, and dolly dress up time.
  5. Annie, Daddy Warbucks, and Sandy: Tomorrow has been the song of choice for some time around here. You roll around the floor practicing your Hard Knocked Life rendition. You run to the stairs to participate in the Easy Street dance, and your kicks have improved immensely as you imitate the Rockettes during the Welcome To The Movies track. It’s probably by far your favorite movie to watch, followed  by Elmo Potty. All of this takes place while faithfully wearing a red, velvet,  short sleeved dress, with an empire waist sequin bow – a beautiful hand me down that is now, and forever will be, your Annie dress.
  6. Grimace:  Yes, the tubby little purple guy from McDonald’s gang during the 80’s. We found a small Grimace figurine at an antique mall one day while shopping. His purple-ness was too much for you to resist, and you fell hard and fast. Ironically, at the next  subsequent two antique outings, we managed to find two more identical figures. Even though there are three of these suckers running around somewhere, only one is ever visible at a time. I’m hoping to rediscover the others and put one away for you for when you’re older.We managed to find you a mint condition stuffed Grimace from 1984 on Ebay for Christmas. I simply can not wait to see your reaction. He’s already washed and ready to go for you to snuggle throughout the day!

There is one love that each of you have that I have not yet detailed- and that is one another. You’re only 18months apart,and you are together non-stop. Sometimes this is good, and sometimes not so much. You’re sisters, playmates, and best friends- and I hope that bond only grows stronger as you grow bigger. There will be some tough days ahead. I fear the teenage years, but through it all, I hope you always turn to one another when life throws you some lemons.

One, Two, Three!


2 thoughts on “The Loves of Your Lives

  1. Oh goodness – I could sit here all night catching up on all the posts I have missed because I am so scatter-brained but I need to go and eat! This is so lovely – touching without being overly cutesy pie – not an easy balance to strike.

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