Suck It Up, Buttercup


Crouched low in the crawl space, dragging the blue plastic container  of Christmas decorations across the rough poured cement floor, it scraping across the rough patches where cracks must once have formed, dried bits and pieces, dust grating – a sound she found repugnant but unavoidable as carrying the tote in that position was not possible. Every time she entered this space she noticed those pieces of cement, loose and getting dragged a little this way, a little that.

They annoyed her.

She was going to clean them up.

The girls, busy playing with now-not-so-oversized shoes, a circus tent and Daddy’s ball caps, she grabbed an extension cord and the small shop vac and began to suck everything up. It gave her great satisfaction to clean up these irritations, dirt and even a few dehydrated insects ( bleh).
Never had she realized how much she enjoyed vacuuming up a mess.

It was rather magical in its ordinary domestic way, and her mind started to drift.

Irritating dust and shards of cement? Gone.
Nasty god-only-knows-how-long it’s-been-there dead beetle? Sucked up.
If only life were like that… the things that irritate, annoy, or harm-

Suck it right up in your trusty shop vac. Just a few moments and everything is all nice and tidy again.
Hell, make a special holster and carry that sucker ( pun intended ) around with you.

Smiling to herself, pleased at her cleverness and the much tidier space,the euphoria dissipated as she heard the familiar whine that is the calling card of her two toddler girls. As she straightens out of the crawl space, she sees both girls huddled and soon finds what has caused their distress.

A stray nugget left by one of the cats was dangerously far away from its required destination of the litter boxes.

That was more like life. Leaving shit where you didn’t want it.

“Mommaaaaa… ” shrieked the youngest, pointing. The oldest stood with an amused grin at the youngest’s distress. “Poooooooo” she elaborates, as though it were needed.


“Don’t worry baby. Mommy’s got it.”

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