Like long white hair…

“She Drives Me Crazy…”

When I saw this topic, the song from The Fine Young Cannibals instantly popped into my head. “She drives me crazy… ooooo oooo…. like long white hair….. ooo oooo She drives me crazy and I can’t help myself.”  Thoughts of my two toddler girls also immediately popped into my head because, well, literally, they drive me crazy every single day. What’s funny is that I have known this song since I was a little girl myself, probably driving my own mother or at the very least my siblings bat shit crazy, and I just found out a few minutes ago that the lyrics I have been singing in my head, or sometimes the car, are completely wrong.  “Like no one else” not “like long white hair” is the correct turn of phrase for this iconic 80’s song.  How funny that so many years later, even though I never really thought the words made sense but I accepted them anyways, I find out the truth of the situation.

How drastic a difference between what I believed without question and reality.

And I am sure, years from now, I will look back on these toddler moments of yelling at my youngest to get that hair out of her mouth for the millionth time because it’s disgusting and at my oldest to just put some form of pants or shorts or whatever on her body and come and eat her meal in relative real human time, and  I will see that my girls are not driving me crazy, but rather, I am/was in the midst of the best days of my life.

Who knew?

She Drives Me Crazy

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7 thoughts on “Like long white hair…

  1. So true – the toddlers and the song. It’s funny what we take as fact for so long yet when faced with the truth (song lyrics) we actually doubt the fact and not our version of the fact.
    As a mommy of older ones now, I find myself treasuring the memories of those toddler years I once was so quick to dismiss.

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