imageIt travels down her spine, an unfamiliar sensation. Small prickly bumps raise on both arms, tiny hairs stand on end. Teeth aching, and the slight throbbing in her head  are more then her less than two-year-old sensory experiences recognizes, and the strangeness of it all brings tears to her previously overjoyed eyes.

“Moooommmy,” she half whines, half shriekes. Chubby hands reaching out, opening and closing in succession signifies her immediate need of comfort, pulling me closer to her, held captive by her booster seat. Pressing her forehead to mine, she touches her mouth. Sticky, sweet goodness escapes the corner.  One small, pink, fugitive sprinkle. It forms a perfect “o” with only one small word escaping,


The trials and tribulations of an ice cream treat.


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