The World Says “No”

Lack of consciousness is not
Approval. While caught
In the act, from you still no

Confession- Guess you forgot
A soul can’t be bought.
Six months- a mere slap. Just know

That the world will not allot
Such leniency. Naught
Can save you from all your woes.

Taken, on hold for a year.
Dignity. No mere
Price for your sickening whim.

No excuse is, “ too much beer.”
“Action”- try to clear
your name, try to make less Grimm

the monster he taught no fear
for consent. It’s clear
the apple falls from the limb.

Jail, no prison, just one more
Wrong in this long war
Against your victim of choice.

She had none. It was not your
Right. What we abhor:
Attempts to silence her voice.

A failure in that too, for
She found hers. Be sure,
Life will atone for your choice.

Poetry Slam: the Asefru


12 thoughts on “The World Says “No”

  1. This infuriates me. Such a cop out. He claims it was all alcohol but yet he knew it was wrong to run away. grrrr.. well written btw xxx do you have facebook or insta?


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