I didn’t count, but I guess I should have.

While feeding my brain its weekly dose of reality heroin, aka The Bachelorette last night, as I always do, I noticed the early use of the word “connection” by both male contestants and Lady Bachelorette herself. We are now three weeks into this season, last night a nail-biting, to-be-continued-make-me-want-to-punch-myself-in-the-face episode ( Seems Chad’s testosterone fits are rubbing off on me…crap! What are they putting in my daily vitamin? Roid rage??)

During last season’s Bachelor, the use of this word really got to me, as many of the flakes who were on it, just didn’t viably seem to know what the word even meant, let alone how it works between two people. Olivia and her “secret love language” with Ben being a clear example.

However, for America’s sweetheart JoJo, her dates with both Chase and  James T were packed with some tender, real, and connected moments- quite literally as Chase and JoJo participated in a steamy yoga pose– the yabyum(sp?) which linked their bodies in a very non-first-date type of way (Well, some probably link up like this on a first date… no judging.)

And like the sap that I am, I can’t help but be happy for JoJo. She is the whole reason I am watching this season, as I just thought she was a super girl on the Bachelor, and my heart broke for her when Ben stomped on it.

I remember watching the very first season of The Bachelorette years and years ago with my college friends in our classy rented-out trailer for three.  I had not stayed with it over the years, and only got sucked back into its mind-numbing vortex when there seemed to be a plethora of crazy advertised for last season’s Bachelor- and there was, and I was hooked.

The announcement of JoJo as Bachelorette was a no brainer that I would again need to tune in, and again, be bombarded by the overuse of the word “connection”. Perhaps during tonight’s continued episode I will remember to keep track of just how many times this word is thrown around, but more likely than not, I will get lost in the testosterone filled pool party antics as it looks like at least two guys get bloodied up. Looks like not only J0Jo is making a connection, but some fists-to-faces as well.

So as 8’clock draws near, and I rush my little ones to bed in hopes of some uninterrupted boob tube, I can already hear the announcer’s voice in my head as he says iconically… “Let’s get reeeaaaadddyyyy to rumble…”

Daily Post: Connected


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