Thanks to Piya Sing for this week’s photo prompt.


Aching feet, clothes muddied and snagged from the seemingly impenetrable bramble which aids in securing the sanctity of this spot, she finally reaches her destination. How many years had it been?  Neglected for more than twenty years?

After her “rescue”by Prince Charming, the whirlwind of life, marriage, and motherhood caught her in its cyclonic grasp, at the epicenter of the storm, barely able to breathe, let alone get away.

So much the same, yet so aged, so worn, in such a depressed state… she realized she not only described the cottage, but herself as well…


This prompt provided by Friday Fictioneers, and Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

In 100 words, create a story based upon the photo prompt. Please read, comment, and if interested, join the fun.

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