2 hours


A lot can happen in two hours…

pick up a box of 48 crayons… at least five times

watch Elmo Christmas twice… yes in MAY!

one potty break

clean up the remainder of the dinner most of the family has finished

wrangle my oldest back to her seat despite whatever imminent task a toddler finds to complete .. at least four times

inform my daughters that it is not proper dinner etiquette to search for your belly button at the dinner table… three for the oldest, four for the youngest

question my youngest about her “hulking out” in her seat when she can clearly get down and play if she wants as she finished her dinner… awhile ago… at least three times

remind my oldest that she is to chew and swallow her food rather than hoard it in her cheeks like a chipmunk getting ready for the big freeze… after EVERY SINGLE bite

offer rewards for the completion of said bite such as trampoline time, blowing bubbles, M&M’s…

threaten punishments for not finishing said bite such as sitting out during trampoline time, no treats or toys for the remainder of the evening…

repeating  statements such as, “get that out of your mouth”, “not near your face”, “why are you holding that in your cheeks?” , “do you realize that bite took you 26 minutes from start to finish?”, “let me see what’s in your mouth”, “take a drink and wash it down”… far too many times

Now… two hours and thirty-two minutes later we are ready to go outside in hopes for some hard-core play time for a peaceful bedtime tonight.



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