That’s a fact…


“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.”- Dante Alighieri

“She’s a BRICK hooouse. She’s mighty mighty…”

Thank you Commodores for this eternally-programmed tune following the push-play that happens in my mind when I hear the word “brick”.

Dozer. Brute. One tough cookie. These are all terms of endearment to describe my youngest daughter. Now, don’t think I’m a poor mother because I use these, you deem derogatory, remarks on my daughter. She is tough, and she’s going to need that in life, and I’m just honestly and lovingly using those qualities to give her appropriate pet names. It’s no different then when I call her  LanaBug or BabyGirl- the same love goes into each nickname.

“She’s mighty-mighty…” Her tenaciousness reared its head early in life. Just like my oldest, she would hold her own weight, or try, almost immediately when being held, like she knew she had to get her training started for there was much to do and only so much time in which to do it. It didn’t take her long to crawl and then walk as the months flew by.

From the moment she was able, she has always tried to lift objects that are far too heavy for her, and it is a concern at times as, of course, I do not want her to get hurt. When playing, “Don’t touch the lava” – a great inside game using couch cushions to traverse the molten covered floor- my daughter prefers to try to pick up the large cushions and roll them end over end, as if she is preparing for some Scottish games caber toss.

Her older sister has felt the weight of her abilities many times as my youngest has body slammed and taken out her 18-month elder sibling. Growing like a weed and in the 91st percentile for height and weight, I believe she will have a height gene which was not inherited from me.

Quads of steel- this girl can hold a squat like it’s nobody’s business  in fact she does this while she’s trying to do her business daily- and let me tell you- impressive!

She’s smart, and quick to learn- and teach. She picks up everything her elder sister does and says, and then teaches her a thing or two of her own. She is strong willed, not just physically strong. When you take a piece of Chex mix from her plate, and place it in your own mouth, your ears will be berated with a high pitched “Hey!” expressing all the injustices of the act which just occurred before her.  Or she will remind you with a firm, “Share!” if a certain toy is not being evenly distributed between her sister and her.

When I look at my youngest, I know that all of these qualities put together are going to make her into an intelligent, independent, and beautiful woman one day.  When she tries to “pick up” what I fear is too heavy for her in the future, there still will I be not wanting any harm to befall her. She will need this strength and intelligence, for she also has a gentle, loving soul- and when her toddler arms pull you firmly in as she says, “Hug”, the strength of her love will blow you away.

“Ow, She’s a BRICK hooouuse… that’s a fact. Ain’t holding nothing back.”

Daily Prompt: Brick

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10 thoughts on “That’s a fact…

  1. Saw you liked one and commented on one of my posts…got the Offspring right of the bat as soon as I saw your blog name too 😁

    Lovely post this one…and so reminds me of mine when they were not teens….happy days and rich in memories that folk without kids just can’t fully appreciate. Not that great memories aren’t happening with teens but the uber innocence is replaced with ‘you know nothing old ‘un’…not quite that disrespectful but hey…I can read between the lines 😁

    Had to follow just because of this post and the memories it just brought back 😊

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