Okay Mom and Dad… I get it.

It’s not a secret, if you know me, that I feel there were majorly unfair parts of my childhood. I’m sure I’m not alone in that impression of childhood- period. My parents were a little  strict– unjustly so in my mind- and I was of course the epitome of a good child, and my brother was always wrong. As I am now a mother of two, I have been having many “holy crap” moments where suddenly, my Mom and Dad, don’t seem so far out of line.

Which freaks me out-

But in all fairness, I feel I owe them some credit.

My brother, three years my elder, played football. We went to his practices all summer long… can I get a major sigh here please? Give me a B-O-R-I-N-G. His practice field was down a small hill and perhaps 800 meters ( I’m horrid with numbers) away from a playground behind my elementary school building. Playgrounds are fun. Watching football… is not. Each practice I would PRAY that I was allowed to go and swing on the swings, climb the towers, flail my body across the monkey bars in pure childish abandon, only to too often be met with a resounding,


The playground is not what you’d call “visible” from where my Dad or Mom were while watching my brother- and those were much simpler times when horrifying events didn’t seem to happen to children AS OFTEN

Now the thought of letting my little girls out of my sight to go play scares the shit out of me- and I know I will have to do what’s necessary to make my girls happy, and satisfy my “mama bear- don’t you dare come near my child” persona.

Yes, Mom and Dad… I now get it.

My oldest daughter likes to scream-

all the time,

for no apparent reason other than to make noise- and to get her younger sister to make noise too.

This is annoying. It is so annoying sometimes that I cannot handle it.

I used to get yelled at, punished all the time for “screaming.” Now granted, I still feel that I had greater cause to scream than my children do at this moment. Whether it be my brother flinging spit at me, putting boogers on me, or other endearing acts of brotherly love, he would act, I would scream- boom- guess who got in trouble?

But, it really IS irritating.

Sorry Dad.

I’m sure as my little ones continue to grow and experience the world I will have many more “holy crap” moments- and I will have to reevaluate my childhood experiences with the eyes of a parent- and give my parents greater props for keeping me so well protected…

Don’t you just hate finding out you were wrong all along?

*childish foot stomp…*


2 thoughts on “Okay Mom and Dad… I get it.

  1. I got caught in the emotions. I could feel the irritation itching on my skin and the ah-ha moments going off in my head right along with you. Not to mention the foot stomp at the end that put me into a state of laughter. I felt like I just read a breath of fresh air ^-^

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